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Why you should start celebrating your financial victories

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Feb 28, 2018 3:17:44 PM

You’ve set money goals. You’ve achieved those goals. Now you deserve to be rewarded!

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What's the purpose of retirement?

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Feb 8, 2018 2:51:12 PM

Retirement is a common goal for most workers today - you're probably hoping to get there someday - but did you know that retirement is a fairly recent concept?

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Worried you'll be bored in retirement? Try these ideas

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Nov 29, 2017 1:16:23 PM

Picture this: you wake up on your first day of retirement. You sleep in because you have nowhere else to be. You’re cozy in your warm bed, but you decide to make your way downstairs to make a fresh pot of coffee.

Then it hits you. What will you do with all your free time? After you have coffee, what’s next? Sitting on the couch watching TV for the next 20-plus years?

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The big lesson you can learn from today's retirees

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Sep 13, 2017 3:03:48 PM

Do you know the #1 concern of current retirees? It’s not how much they’ve saved. Instead, most people over the age of 50 fear being inadequately prepared for future healthcare costs!

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Is fake news plaguing your retirement plan?

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Jul 5, 2017 1:41:59 PM

Where do you get your news? Is it from CNBC or The Wall Street Journal? Fox News or The New York Times? You trust the media to give you the appropriate information. But what happens when you’ve been led astray?

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Your retirement expectations versus reality

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Jun 28, 2017 3:14:31 PM

Golf memberships, cruises to the Caribbean or Alaska, and naps at 3 p.m.; is this what retirement looks like to you? You spend your entire life working for the moment when you can quit your job and don’t have to look back. You’ve worked long hours and spent sleepless nights dreaming about retirement. But the question is: how well did financially plan for these dreams? After all, you have to pay for it.

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How will the new 'fiduciary rule' affect your retirement money?

Posted by The Simply Money Team on Jun 9, 2017 1:06:06 PM

Today, the Department of Labor’s “fiduciary rule” goes into effect. This means stockbrokers providing financial advice on retirement accounts must now prioritize your best interest. According to the White House Council of Economic Advisors, conflicts of interest with financial advisors and brokers account for client loss of $17 billion every year. This may seem surprising that financial advisors and brokers weren’t always required to have your best interests in mind. 

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You need to get aggressive with your money (but not how you think)

Posted by The Simply Money Team on May 17, 2017 3:00:35 PM

As you plan for your retirement, and try to save for retirement, we know your money is getting pulled in about 100 different directions. Competing needs can make setting aside your monthly “profit” a challenge. But here’s why you need to make it a priority.

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THIS is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make (and it’s not your house)

Posted by The Simply Money Team on May 3, 2017 1:47:02 PM

When you think of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life, your house probably comes to mind first, right?

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Are you using the right kind of retirement accounts?

Posted by The Simply Money Team on Apr 5, 2017 2:55:59 PM

There are a lot of ways you can save money for the future. Some of the most common include a traditional 401(k), Roth 401(k), traditional IRA (Individual Retirement Account), Roth IRA, HSA (Health Savings Account), and even “taxable” investment accounts. Whew!

So how should you prioritize your saving to be the most tax efficient? First, a few definitions:

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