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Explaining bonds, a vital part of your investment mix

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Apr 18, 2018 1:28:23 PM

Does financial jargon seem confusing to you? If you listen to any financial media, you may find yourself lost in a sea of words of which you have no concept of their meaning. And even if you do have an understanding of basic terms, there may still be some information you’re missing. 

A bond may be one of the common terms you think you understand, but are you sure? Here’s a deeper look into the investment so you have a better working knowledge.

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Positive developments on trade; earnings season now in spotlight

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Apr 16, 2018 12:07:44 PM

A trade war with China has been the major fear gripping the markets over the past few weeks, but fortunately, tensions eased last week thanks to conciliatory comments from President Trump and Chinese President Xi.

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What to know about filing a tax extension

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Apr 11, 2018 12:30:00 PM

The tax deadline is less than a week away! If you’re busy scrambling to put together your return and don’t think you’ll have it done in time, you can always file a six-month extension. Here’s what to keep in mind.

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'Trade spat' still getting all the attention

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Apr 9, 2018 11:51:45 AM

This week's economic calendar is relatively light, and the corporate earnings season doesn't get into full swing until next week, so Wall Street is likely to once again focus the U.S.-China trade spat.

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How to help your children (or grandchildren) save for college

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Apr 4, 2018 2:45:41 PM

Did you know the average ‘moderate’ cost for college in 2017-2018 was about $25,290 for an in-state public school? If your child or grandchild would like to attend a four-year school, you’re looking at about $101,000!

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Trade war concerns still an issue; jobs report due later this week

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Apr 2, 2018 1:22:13 PM

Stocks recovered last week due to trade tensions easing slightly, but large U.S. stocks finished the first quarter of the year slightly negative for the first time since September 2015.

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The awesome benefits of a Roth IRA

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Mar 28, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Did you realize that with a traditional 401(k) or IRA you have to pay taxes on your withdrawals once you hit retirement?

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Trade war concerns linger, yet investors should remain confident

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Mar 26, 2018 3:06:49 PM

The U.S. / China ‘trade spat’ was the main driver of the stock market turbulence last week.

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How to make the most of your tax refund

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Mar 21, 2018 1:04:42 PM

Ready to use your tax refund to splurge on a lavish vacation or a new wardrobe?

You may want to reconsider!

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Fed in focus this week, but D.C. noise could be a distraction

Posted by The Simply Money Advisors Team on Mar 19, 2018 1:49:23 PM

This week, all eyes will be on the Federal Reserve (Fed), our nation’s central bank, as it will likely increase short-term interest rates on Wednesday, March 21st.

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