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Inflation and interest rates still low, economy and earnings still strong

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U.S. and China declare trade war truce, higher interest rates and oil prices the new concern

Single? How you should approach retirement planning

Oil prices rising, but U.S. economy still healthy

How to help your adult kids without giving money

Unemployment rate reached 17-year low as more people leave the workforce

These tips can help protect your parents from scams

GDP and corporate earnings exceed expectations

How to leave behind a lasting legacy

Economic growth pulls back, yet earnings remain strong

Explaining bonds, a vital part of your investment mix

Positive developments on trade; earnings season now in spotlight

What to know about filing a tax extension

'Trade spat' still getting all the attention

How to help your children (or grandchildren) save for college

Trade war concerns still an issue; jobs report due later this week

The awesome benefits of a Roth IRA

Trade war concerns linger, yet investors should remain confident

How to make the most of your tax refund

Fed in focus this week, but D.C. noise could be a distraction

Divorced? You may be eligible for ex-spouse Social Security benefits!

Major concerns subside; jobs report strong

The secret to balancing short term and long-term goals

Tariffs, trade wars, and bears; oh my!

Why you should start celebrating your financial victories

Is inflation a worry? Fed Chair Powell to testify this week

How disorganization can cost you during tax time

The growing economy and corporate profits put investors at ease

Don't fall in love with a scammer

Economy continues to be strong despite stock turbulence

What's the purpose of retirement?

Your 'survival guide' for stock turbulence

Yes, market turbulence is back… but you shouldn’t focus on that

The U.S. economy is chugging along

How to set (and crush) your goals

Retirement age isn’t the only factor you should consider when taking Social Security

Jobs report misses expectations; inflation worries tick up

Looking for a financial planner? 5 questions they should be asking you

Simply Money Advisors' 2018 economic outlook

Are you up for a challenge? Try the Simply Money Advisors 2018 Monthly Money Challenge!

How to recover after busting your holiday budget

Yes, corporations are the big tax reform winners. But don't get mad, get even.

7 of the weirdest tax deductions

Tax reform gets the green light; on to the President next

Good news for corporate earnings and your investment mix

'Tis the season for giving... and scams

How today’s Fed interest rate increase will affect your money

An interest rate hike is (probably) coming this week

Don't let 2018 predictions derail your money

Senate passes tax reform, but more steps lie ahead

Worried you'll be bored in retirement? Try these ideas

Holiday shopping shows signs of flourishing economy

Tips for a successful Cyber Monday!

Time is ticking to pass tax reform

Surprise! P&G's proxy fight isn't over yet

How stores can be sneaky on Black Friday

Tax reform may not be as close as you think

The Senate just released its version of tax reform - here's how it differs from the House's

This one number is key to understanding your future Social Security benefit

And the winner of tax reform is...

You probably should have hoped for the 'Rothification' of your 401(k)

What the tax reform bill means for your money

3 great perks of your 401(k)

Who will it be? Fed Chair nominee expected this week

Buyer beware: these investment scams can ruin your financial future

One step closer to tax reform

3 skills you need to master an amazing family budget

U.S. economy reports strong bill of health

How to build wealth without winning the lottery

P&G wins proxy fight - for now

Cincinnati anticipates outcome of P&G’s boardroom battle

Don't put all your (investment) eggs in one basket

Lower tax rates could boost corporate profits in 2018

Is Social Security doomed?

P&G's proxy fight, explained

No surprises from Fed; tax reform up next

These are the important documents you should be protecting

Fed embarks on unprecedented maneuver

The big lesson you can learn from today's retirees

Should you buy travel insurance?

Hurricane devastation clouds economic picture, but not for long

How to recover once your identity is stolen

What your employer probably didn't explain about your 401(k)

North Korean tensions shouldn't impact your investments too much

Hurricane season this year may have a larger impact than you think

Need help sticking to a budget?

Investors await economic impact of Hurricane Harvey

6 ways to lower your tax bill for retirement

While Wall St looks short term, you should invest for the long term

Is a robo-advisor something you should consider?

I shouldn't use my credit card where?

Understanding disability insurance

Country’s ‘report card’ comes in so-so

Here's an easy way to save on back-to-school supplies!

How to get the most out of your future Social Security benefit

Good news for corporate profits and your financial plan

Are you and your spouse financially 'compatible?'

Everything's hinging on inflation right now

8 tricks for increasing your chances of getting a discount

Is fake news plaguing your retirement plan?

Economy continues its growth with little signs of a recession

Your retirement expectations versus reality

Wall Street focused on falling oil prices & Fed

5 hidden fees that can bust your budget

Despite slow growth, Federal Reserve raises interest rates

The one thing that could save you hundreds on your taxes

Federal Reserve takes the spotlight this week

How will the new 'fiduciary rule' affect your retirement money?

The three reasons to sell a stock

Unemployment rate decreases while economy continues to grow

Your iPhone may be stealing your identity

Political and economic landscapes typically have minimal impact on summer market growth

6 simple ways to help grow your money

Impeachment worries yield rapid movement in stocks

You need to get aggressive with your money (but not how you think)

Economy grows steadily while corporate profits surge

Ignore your money worries at your own peril

Strong jobs data points to strengthening economy

THIS is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make (and it’s not your house)

Weak economic growth, but positives remain

What to do (and not do) with your old 401(k)

From French elections to U.S. tax reform, stocks have a lot to process this week

58,000 reasons to stop wasting money

North Korea worries start to seep into Wall Street

Do you know your Tax Day history? (Hint: It hasn't always been in April)

Federal Reserve surprises markets

Are you using the right kind of retirement accounts?

Powerful presidents meet and what it means to you

Stop your 'scoreboard watching'

What the health care bill's defeat could mean for stocks

Know the red flags of an investment scam

Are more interest rate hikes coming this year?

Are you paying a 'procrastination penalty?'

Expect a Federal Reserve interest rate hike this week

Everything you need to know about the fiduciary standard, you learned from your grandma

Federal Reserve likely to raise interest rates this month

The incredibly easy Social Security tip everyone should follow

Lofty expectations may leave stocks vulnerable

Your 401(k) is terrible

You're feeling good, and your spending shows it

Warning signs of tax ID theft

Tax reform promises push stocks higher

How to give yourself a raise this tax season

Wage growth could slow down the Fed

Your adult kids are costing you

Could another interest rate hike come this week?

A financial plan isn't just about retirement

Dow hits 20,000. So what?

Would the U.S. suffer in a trade war?

What the Trump presidency means to you & the economy

When you retire really just comes down to getting "sick"

Latest economic data strong, inauguration up next

A silly way to waste your money (that banks love)

Strong economic start to 2017

3 ways to create a better resolution

Wrapping up 2016, looking ahead to 2017

4 tax benefits of a Roth IRA

Markets quiet in last full trading week of the year

Don't let your goodwill get scammed

Interest rate increase comes, but Fed still surprises

Take a peek inside your 401(k)

All eyes on the Federal Reserve this week

Change the way you think about Social Security

Data comes in strong, but stocks last week hit pause

A terrible way to pay for your holiday gifts

Many reasons to give thanks

5 Cyber Monday tips and tricks

Stocks up, Fed increase likely

5 Black Friday tips and tricks

A week full of surprises

Presidential election - Stock market reaction

Stocks down, but long-term view up

Election have you worried about your retirement savings? What to remember

Big headlines drive stocks

Always remember these three numbers

A quiet week ends on a positive note

Get your own retirement version of Google Maps

How much will Hurricane Matthew cost?

To help grow and protect your money, do this

Stocks see strong gains in Q3

Why is milk in the back of the store?

Why Deutsche Bank isn't Lehman Brothers

Don't cash this check

Stocks rally after Fed stands pat

Not a Wells Fargo customer? The scandal's still relevant to you

After summer slumber, volatility is back

Don't forget this part of your financial plan

Stocks drop on interest rates worries

Don't let scammers tap into your irrationality

Stocks rise on August jobs miss

You're breaking (driving) records!

Ruling Out a September Interest Rate Hike?

Who's taking care of who?

Q&A: The truth about U.S. debt

Federal Reserve split on raising rates

Teach your kids this, and they'll be better off

Stocks rally on surprise earnings

The case for optimism

Stocks rise after jobs blowout

Ohio's back-to-school gift to you this weekend

The best (and worst) places to retire

Stocks close mixed on GDP miss

Men vs. women, 401(k) edition

S&P closes at another new record high

If Isaac Newton gave financial advice...

Stocks set record highs (again)

'Dogs of the Dow,' explained

S&P 500 tests new high on jobs surge

Stocks End Q2 With a Bang

Don't Let Your Generosity Get Scammed

UK's Messy Divorce: How Brexit May Affect U.S. Investors

The Brexit Is Set.  Now What?

Staring Down Age Discrimination At Work

Fed Blinks On Brexit Fears

The Bank Of Starbucks?

Is Britain Really Going To Leave the EU?

How Giving Just Got Easier

What We Learned From The May Jobs Report

This Is The Only Thing You Can Control

Stocks Rise Despite A Possible Summer Rate Hike

Learn From These Retirement Regrets

Fed Changes Tune On Interest Rates

Stocks Drop On Retail Earnings Woes

What To Do If You Lose A Stock Certificate

April Jobs Report Shows Slower Pace of Growth

Cincinnati Ranks #1 For College Grads

Is The Bull Market Too Old?

Career Advice from... Willie Nelson

Stocks End Mixed as Tech Falls on Earnings

The 7 Surprises of Retirement

Stocks Trade Up, But Oil Weighs

3 Must-Follow Retirement Planning Rules

The Economy Slows, but Still Grows

Explaining The New "Fiduciary" Rule

Quarterly Update: Roller Coaster Q1 Ends Mixed

When Too Much Information Can Be A Good Thing

The Economy Grows As Consumers Spend

Watch Out For "The Dirty Dozen"

Stocks Rally On

What New Homes Can Tell You About The Economy

Bull Market Anniversary: What's Changed in 7 Years?

Four Things To Do With Your Tax Refund

Stocks Rally for Third Week

How to Own a Piece of America

Stocks End Higher for Second Week

Neighbor Win The Lottery? That's Bad News for You.

Stocks Post Best Week of 2016

Are You Being Truthful With Yourself?

Are Recession Fears Just Hype?

Simply Money's 5 Moves In Volatile Markets

Is Cupid In Your Budget?

Is This What Full Employment Looks Like?

The Only 3 Things You Need To Know About Life Insurance

Stocks Drive Higher Amid Uncertainty

You Must Have This Before You Start Investing

Stocks End Choppy Week Higher

Here's How Much A Snow Day Costs!

Important "Tax Day" Reminders

Markets Fall on China Fears

Land For Sale - But Based On What?

Special Update: 2015 In Review

A Year-End Investing Reminder

Are You Getting a Clark Griswold-like Bonus?

The Fed Raised Interest Rates.  Now What?

Explaining The Fed Rate Hike

Is Your Advisor Asking You About This?

Oil Weighs On Markets

Jobs Report Gives Fed Green Light For December Rate Hike

The 12 Days of Christmas Cost How Much?

Stocks Close Mixed On Low Holiday Volume

Three Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Investors Keep Cool Despite Recent Events

How To Prioritize Your Retirement Saving

How Will The Paris Attacks Affect The Markets?

How You Can Honor Our Veterans

Stocks Finish Strong on Surprising Jobs Report

3 Things To Do With Your RMD

New Budget Deal Affects Social Security strategies

Simply Money Legislative Update on Social Security

Would Peer Pressure Help You Save More?

Why Do We Care About Earnings?

Are You A Netflix... Or A Nike?

Stocks Post Third Weekly Gain on Hopes of Fed Delay

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Millionaires

S&P Posts Biggest Weekly Gain of 2015

Here's What To Do With Your Old 401(k)

Top News For Q3 - Weekly Update October 5, 2015

Time To Play 'Who Wants To Be Billionaire?'

Markets Fall Amid Additional Turmoil

What's Retirement Look Like To You?

Fed Cites These 3 Factors Behind Last Week's Decision

Investment Scams? There's An App For That

Will Interest Rates Go Up For The First Time In Nearly A Decade?

Does A Name Really Matter?

Social Security and Your Retirement

Know Your Source

The Key Ingredient to Successful Investing: Patience

Nervous About Stocks? Do This...

Young Blood = Long-Term Health

What Dictates Your Investing Behavior?

Don't Ever Fall in Love (With Your Commodities)

Are You Giving Your Home a "Blank Check?"

Are You Pulling the Wrong Weeds from your Portfolio "Garden?"

Where Does Your Home State Rank?

Understand Your Student Loans... Or Else

The Dead Giveaway That You Need Insurance

What’s Just as Bad as a Data Breach? Your Reaction

Follow the Millennials’ lead for Retirement Success

What’s Your Definition of ‘Middle Class?’

Why you should know the ‘Rule of 72’

Retirement Security: It's Not About What You Earn

Wondering How the Economy is Doing? Look Up

The Chicken, the Egg and Your Money

Are You Part of the 45%?

Why You Need to Embrace Uncertainty

7 Key Steps For Retirement Success

Apple's Real Success Isn't In Its Products

Proof That Simple Beats Fancy

What's Your Advisor's Standard?

Diversification: How Sweet It Is

A 'Masterful' Trend

The Riskiest Stock You Can Own

Track Record or Pipe Dream?

Retirement Lessons from a Cruise Ship

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Money Just Might Buy Happiness

What You Need To Know About Stocks

Are You Getting The Easy Stuff Right?

Tackling Money Taboos During The Holidays

5 Things To Be Thankful For As An Investor

The One "Sure Thing" In The Investment World

You're Going to Live Longer Than You Realize

Are You investing... or gambling?

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